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Biografia de Chris Rea

Chris Rea (2010)
Chris Rea. (Christopher Anton Rea). É um músico britânico de ascendência ítalo-irlandesa, nascido em 4 de Março de 1951 em Middlesbrough, Inglaterra. Além de ser cantor, guitarrista, compositor e produtor musical, também é pintor, ator e piloto de corridas. A maior parte da carreira musical de Rea se baseia numa fusão de pop, rock e blues, com ocasionais elementos orquestrais, de soul, gospel, jazz, música eletrônica, e música tradicional italiana e irlandesa, dominada pela sua voz inconfundível, grave e rouca, e pela sua característica técnica de guitarra, baseada no uso de slide de cristal, ou bottleneck. Desde a década de 2000, após sobreviver a uma série de operações cirúrgicas de alto risco, sua música foi derivando para o estilo Delta Blues, sua maior influência, mesclando com elementos gospel e jazz. Da sua extensa carreira musical, são famosas Fool (If You Think It's Over), I Can Hear Your Heartbeat, On The Beach, Josephine, Looking For The Summer, Julia, Auberge e The Road To Hell (Part II), entre outras.

Um dos sete filhos de Camillo Rea, um imigrante italiano proprietário de uma cadeia de geladeiras, e da esposa de este, Winifred, de origem irlandesa, Chris Rea foi criado num ambiente de forte tradição familiar e religiosa. Seu avô paterno, também chamado Camillo, morreu quando o Arandora Star, navio no qual navegava para o Canadá, foi afundado durante a II Guerra Mundial pelo submarino alemão U-47 sob o comando do tenente Günther Prien. Em consequência, foi-lhe incutido desde criança o culto aos ancestrais e o gosto pela música popular.

Santo Spirito Tour (2011)

Santo Spirito Tour (2011)

A voz de Rea é uma de suas principais características, sendo de tonalidade grave (possivelmente baritônica) semelhante às dos vocalistas Barry White ou Tom Waits. Segundo o próprio Chris Rea, ser um cantor nunca tinha sido uma de suas metas musicais, confessando que preferia ter sido o letrista e guitarrista, antes de ser o líder de uma banda. Por outra parte, no inicio de sua carreira, os produtores musicais trataram de ressaltar a sua faceta de cantor melódico, imagem que tem perdurado em boa parte das formas de promoção do artista, apesar dele rejeitar isso.

Whatever Happened to Benny Santini?
1-Whatever Happened To Benny Santini?
2-The Closer You Get
3-Because Of You
4-Dancing With Charlie
5-Bows And Bangles
6-Fool (If You Think It's Over)
7-Three Angels
8-Just One Of Those Days
9-Standing In Your Doorway
10-Fires Of Spring
1-Twisted Wheel
2-The Things Lovers Should Do
3-Dance! (Don't Think)
4-Raincoat And A Rose
5-Cenotaph/Letter From Amsterdam
8-She Gave It Away
9-Don't Want Your Best Friend
10-No Qualifications
2-Sweet Kiss
3-Since I Don't See You Anymore
4-Dancing Girl
5-No Work Today
6-Every Time I See You Smile
7-For Ever And Ever
8-Good News
9-Friends Across The Water
10-Distant Summers
11-Only With You
12-Stick It
Chris Rea

1-Loving You
2-If You Choose To Go
3-Guitar Street
4-Do You Still Dream?
5-Every Beat Of My Heart
6-Goodbye Little Colombus
7-One Sweet Tender Touch
8-Do It For Your Love
9-Just Want To Be With You
11-When You Know Your Love Has Died
Water Sign
1-Nothing's Happening By The Sea
2-Deep Water
4-Love's Strange Ways
6-Let It Loose
7-I Can Hear Your Heart Beat
8-Midnight Blue
9-Hey You
10-Out Of The Darkness
Wired to the Moon
2-Touché D'Amour
3-Shine, Shine, Shine
4-Wired To The Moon
6-I Don't Know What It Is But Love It
7-Ace Of Hearts
8-Holding Out
Stainsby Girls
1-Stainsby Girls (Sax Mix)
2-And When She Smiles
4-Dancing Shoes
5-September Blue
Shamrock Diaries
1-Steel River
2-Stainsby Girls
3-Chisel Hill
5-One Golden Rule
6-All Summer Long
8-Shamrock Diaries
9-Love Turns To Lies
10-Hired Gun
On The Beach
1-On The Beach
2-Little Blonde Plaits
4-Lucky Day
5-Just Passing Through
6-It's All Gone
7-Hello Friend
8-Two Roads
9-Light Of Hope
10-Auf Immer Und Ewig
Dancing With Strangers
1-Joys Of Christmas
2-I Can't Dance To That
3-Windy Town
4-Gonna Buy A Hat
5-Curse Of The Traveller
6-Let's Dance
7-Que Sera
8-Josie's Tune
9-Loving You Again
10-That Girl Of Mine
11-September Blue
12-I Don't Care Any More
13-Donahue's Broken Wheel
14-Danielle's Breakfast
New Light Through Old Windows
1-Let's Dance
2-Working On It
3-Ace Of Hearts
6-On The Beach
7-Fool (If You Think It's Over)
8-I Can Hear Your Heartbeat
9-Shamrock Diaries
10-Stainsby Girls
11-Windy Town
12-Driving Home For Christmas
13-Steel River
The Road to Hell
1-The Road To Hell (Part I)
2-The Road To Hell (Part II)
3-You Must Be Evil
5-Looking For A Rainbow
6-Your Warm And Tender Love
8-That's What They Always Say
9-I Just Wanna Be With You
10-Tell Me There's A Heaven
2-Gone Fishing
3-You're Not A Number
5-Set Me Free
6-Red Shoe
7-Sing A Song Of Love To Me
8-Every Second Counts
9-Looking For The Summer
10-And You My Love
11-The Mention Of Your Name
God's Great Banana Skin
1-Nothing To Fear
2-Miles Is A Cigarette
3-God's Great Banana Skin
4-90's Blues
5-Too Much Pride
6-Boom Boom
7-I Ain't The Fool
8-There She Goes
9-I'm Ready
10-Black Dog
11-Soft Top, Hard Shoulder
Espresso Logic
1-Espresso Logic
3-Soup Of The Day
4-Johnny Needs A Fast Car
5-Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea
7-Summer Love
8-New Day
10-She Closed Her Eyes
La Passione
1-La Passione
2-(Film Theme) Dov'e Il Signore?
3-Shirley Do You Own A Ferrari?
4-Girl In A Sportscar
5-When The Grey Skies Turn To Blue
7-Olive Oil
8-Only To Fly
9-You Must Follow
10-Disco' La Passione
11-Le Mans
12-Dov'e Il Signore? Part II
The Blue Cafe
1-Square Peg, Round Hole
2-Miss Your Kiss
3-Shadows Of The Big Man
4-Where Do We Go From Here?
5-Since I Found You
6-Thinking Of You
7-As Long As I Have Your Love
8-Anyone Quite Like You
9-Sweet Summer Day
10-Stick By You
11-I'm Still Holding On
12-The Blue Cafe
The Road to Hell: Part 2
1-Can't Get Through
2-Good Morning
4-Last Open Road
5-Coming Off The Ropes
6-Evil No.2
7-Keep On Dancing
10-I'm In My Car
11-New Times Square
12-The Way You Look Tonight
King of the Beach
01-King Of The Beach
02-All Summer Long
03-Sail Away
04-Still Beautiful
05-The Bones Of Angels
06-Guitar Street
07-Who Do You Love
08-The Memory Of A Good Friend
11-God Gave Me An Angel
12-Waiting For A Blue Sky
Dancing Down the Stony Road / Stony Road
1-Easy Rider
2-Stony Road
3-Dancing The Blues Away
4-Catfish Girl
5-Burning Feet
6-Slow Dance
8-Mississippi 2
9-So Lonely
10-Heading For The City
11-Ride On
12-When The Good Lord Talked To Jesus
14-Sun Is Rising
15-Someday My Peace Will Come
16-Got To Be Moving On
17-Ain't Going Down This Way
18-Changing Times
19-The Hustler
20-Give That Girl A Diamond
Blue Street (Five Guitars)
1-Blue Miles
2-Blue Street
3-Big C
4-Big C Big Sea
5-Hofner Break
6-Heading For The City
7-1st Snow Mingus
8-Piano Break
9-Still Going To A Go Go
10-Are You Ready
11-Funk 48
Hofner Blue Notes
3-Hofner Blue Notes
4-Paris In Minneapolis
5-Sao Paulo Blue
6-What Became
8-Goodnight Joe
9-Take The Mingus Train
11-Saudi Blue
12-Kestrel Avenue
The Blue Jukebox
1-The Beat Goes On
2-Long Is The Time, Hard Is The Road
3-Let's Do It
4-Let It Roll
5-Steel River Blues
6-Somebody Say Amen
7-Blue Street
8-Monday Morning
9-Restless Soul
10-What Kind Of Love Is This
11-Paint My Jukebox Blue
12-Baby Don't Cry
Blue Guitars
1-01-West Africa (Instrumental)
1-02-Cry For Home
1-03-The King Who Sold His Own
1-04-White Man Coming
1-05-Where The Blues Comes From
1-06-Lord Tell Me It Won't Be Long
1-07-Work Gang
1-08-Praise The Lord
1-09-Sweet Sunday
1-10-Sing Out The Devil
1-11-Boss Man Cut My Chains
Album Two: (Country Blues)
2-01-Walkin' Country Blues
2-02-Man Gone Missing
2-03-Can't Stay Blues
2-04-KKK Blues
2-05-Too Much Drinkin
2-06-Catwalk Woman
2-07-If You've Got A Friend In Jesus
2-08-Head Out On The Highway
2-09-Wild Pony
2-10-Steam Train Blues
2-11-Going Up To Memphis
2-12-Somewhere Between Highway 61 & 49
2-13-Ticket For Chicago
2-14-Dance All Night Long
Album Three: (Louisiana & New Orleans)
3-01-Two Days Missing Down The Viper
3-02-Who Cares If I Do
3-03-What Made Me Love You
3-04-You Got Dixie
3-05-One Night With You
3-06-Talking 'Bout New Orleans
3-07-Le Fleur De La Vie
3-08-Catfish Girl
3-09-Only A Fool Plays By The Rule
3-10-Baby Come Home
3-11-Dance Avec Moi
3-12-L'ete Eternal
Album Four: (Electric Memphis Blues)
4-01-Electric Guitar
4-02-Electric Memphis Blue
4-03-All Night Long
4-04-Born Bad
4-05-Let's Start Again
4-06-What I'm Looking For
4-07-Rules Of Love
4-08-What You Done To Me
4-09-Hobo Love Blues
4-10-Pass Me By
4-11-The Soul Of My Father's Shadow
4-12-My Blue World Says Hello 4:06
Album Five: (Texas Blues)
5-01-Lone Rider
5-02-Texas Blue
5-03-No Wheels Blues
5-04-Lone Star Boogie
5-05-Blind Willie
5-06-The American Way
5-08-Truck Stop
5-09-Weekend Down Mexico
5-10-Texas Line Boogie
5-11-Too Big City
5-12-Houston Angel
Album Six: (Chicago Blues)
6-01-I'm Moving Up
6-02-Maxwell Street
6-03-Bob Taylor
6-04-She's A Whole Heap Of Trouble
6-05-Jazzy Blue
6-07-That's The Way It Goes
6-08-To Get Your Love
6-09-Chicago Morning
6-10-Catwalk Woman
6-11-Since You've Been Gone
6-12-All Night Long
6-13-Here She Come Now
Album Seven: (Blues Ballads)
7-01-Last Call
7-02-Maybe That's All I Need To Know
7-03-Deep Winter Blues
7-04-If I Ever Get Over You
7-05-I Love The Rain
7-06-My Soul Crying Out For You
7-07-If That's What You Want
7-08-There's No One Looking
7-09-What Became Of You
7-10-My Deep Blue Ways
Album Eight: (Gospel Soul Blues And Motown)
8-01-Sweet Love
8-02-Break Another Piece Of My Heart
8-03-Ball & Chain
8-04-Gospel Trail
8-05-Shy Boy
8-06-Come Change My World
8-07-Call On Me
8-08-Just In Case You Never Knew
8-09-Let Me In
8-10-I'll Be There For You
8-11-The Pain Of Loving You
8-12-Are You Ready
Album Nine: (Celtic & Irish Blues)
9-01-Celtic Blue
9-02-Til The Morning Sun Shines On My Love And Me
9-03-Lucky Day
9-04-What She Really Is
9-05-Wishing Well
9-06-Irish Blues
9-07-No More Sorrow
9-08-While I Remain
9-09-Last Drink
9-10-Till I Find My True Love's Name
9-11-Big White Door
Album Ten: (Latin Blues)
10-01-Hey Gringo
10-02-Immigration Blues
10-03-Still Trying To Clear My Name
10-04-Sun Is Hot
10-05-Screw You And Your Deep Blue Sea
10-06-Nothing Seems To Matter No More
10-09-Keep On Dancing
10-10-Lucifer's Anger
10-11-How I Know It's You
10-13-You Got Soul
10-14-Bajan Blues
Album Eleven: (60s & 70s)
11-01-My Baby Told Me (Blues)
11-02-Got To Be Moving
11-03-My Baby Told Me (Gospel)
11-05-Yes I Do (Instrumental)
11-06-Wasted Love
11-07-Cool Cool Blue
11-08-Clarkson Blues
11-09-Who Killed Love
11-10-Never Tie Me Down
11-12-Ain't That Just The Prettiest Thing
11-13-Nobody But You
11-14-Waiting For Love
11-15-Blue Morning In The Rain
Album Twelve: (Dancing Down The Stony Road DVD)
12 Documentary
Accordion – Ed Hession* Banjo – Gerry O'Connor Bass – Sylvin Marc Drums – Martin Ditcham Executive Producer – John Knowles Guitar – Robert Ahwai Mixed By [Sound Mixer] – Douglas Dreger Narrator – Richard Williams (5) Producer – Andy Wilman, Chris Rea Written-By – Chris Rea
11 audio albums and a DVD comes with a 72-page book including more than 30 paintings, photos, lyrics and an interview with Chris Rea.
(p) &(c) Navyback Ltd. exclusively licensed to Edel Records GmbH for the world outside the UK and North America.


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